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(I work at a greeting card and gift shop. This story takes place on Father’s Day, and as my store is located in a small town, most stores in the area are closed as it’s a Sunday. I’m about to go on till to serve a customer when an older lady rushes up to me, wide eyed and frothing at the mouth a little.)

Customer: Where’s the Magna Carta?! They’ve reprinted it! It’s 99p! Where do you have it here?! The Magna Carta! It’s been reprinted!

Me: (taken back, only remembering a tiny bit about the Magna Carta from school history lessons) Umm, we’re a card shop. That’s not something that we’d sell here, I’m afraid.

Customer: Well where would they have it?!

Me: It’s Sunday so I can’t guar-

Customer: NEVER MIND!

(And she rushed out of the store before I could even try to tell her which shop might have what she was looking for, and left me and the few customers at the till wondering what exactly happened.)