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Because I wasn’t feeling well, I left work around lunch time. Knowing I still needed groceries, I grit my teeth and went to the store.
Just my luck, I ended up behind a couple with two full carts who had also trouble bagging.

Woman behind me: *sighs loudly* One would think they’d find a quieter time to do this.
Me: *ignores her*

(Takes maybe 10 minutes before it’s my turn, and the woman behind me keeps making impatient noises.

During the scanning, something doesn’t show up, and the cashier asks me to wait. She sends a colleague down to check on the price for my cashews.)

Woman: Oh, dear god, did you try to steal something? Can’t you shop normally like we all do?
Me: I did not try to steal something, it just didn’t scan.

(By then the second worker came back; he couldn’t find the cashews the first time, so I described the place I got them from and he left again. More complaining from behind me.)

Cashier: I’m sorry, you need to unpack again, we’ll have to rescan everything.

Me: Sure, no problem.

Woman: Oh GOD.

(Sadly, she had to rescan my things three times before she was able to just void the cashews – I’d already told her to just leave them.
As I’m finally leaving, the woman grabs my arm.)

Woman: No, you wait. They’ll need to apologize and give all of us a discount for the wait!

Me: Woman, let me go or I vomit on your shoes. I really just want to go home. It’s not their fault that the product didn’t scan. Also, you could have easily left for another line as everyone else behind you did. Clearly you just wanted to complain.

(I left her spluttering but at least I got out and made it home before the vomiting part of my migraine really started.)