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I work in customer service at an insurance company. One day I answer the call and this happens:

Customer: “Is *agents name* available?”

Me: “Not at the moment, I am located in the home office, is there something I can help with?”

Customer: “He is gouging me out of insurance, it just keeps going up and up every month” (her policy has increased by $10 monthly)

Me: “I can take a look at it, but for security can you please verify your DOB and last four numbers of your social?”

Her: *sigh* *silence* then finally “I know you have it.”

Me: “I do have the information, but for the security of the policy I need you to verify that info so we can ensure we are not releasing information to incorrect people”

Her: “1943” (which is the year she was born, but did not provide any other information)

Me: “I’m going to need you to verify the entire date of birth. If you don’t want to do the last 4 of your social, I can’t take the address instead.”

So we finally get through that… I tell her there was a rate increase in her area due to claim activity, she blows up.

Her: “You can’t tell me that everyone’s insurance is doing that! It’s my agent, he’s doing doing something wrong and just wants to get my money, if he doesn’t fix it I’m calling the home office about him!”

Me: “I am in the home office. Your agent has nothing to do with the way the policies are rated. The rate increases are state approved, and there are thousands of factors that go into them. I would be happy to have him review the policy to see what changes could be made to lower the premium, but he is not able to change the actual rating system.”

Her: “No, he’s just out to get my money. I’m calling the home office.” *click*

I roll my eyes and say a prayer for the next person she reaches.

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