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This takes place at a small, locally owned pet store. And we are located right next to a busy road. It’s our policy to ask all customers to leash their pets, it even says on a sign outside the door that all leashed pets are welcome. However some people have a problem with it. This is the most extreme reaction I’ve seen to it lately.

Customer walks in, with her dog nicely on a leash. She’s looking at some items and she must have dropped her dogs leash, because the dog starts to wander away from her.

Coworker: Ma’am could you please pick up your dogs leash.

The customer grabs her dogs leash angrily and starts to storm out of the store.

Customer: You’re not getting any sales from me for saying that, I’m never coming back again.

Coworker: ……Have a nice day ma’am.

Customer leaves the store.

Me and my coworker looked at each other, like what the heck. He just asked her to pick up her dogs leash, she acted like he had said something terribly insulting.

He goes on to tell eveyone who works there, and everyone is equally as confused.
When I told my mom she said “Some people are just not right in the head.”