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(I work at a grocery store chain that allows customers to shop online. It’s a very popular service, and we’re always getting new customers. One day, I opened so I’m by myself. I have finished the first order of the day and I had just started the second order when I get a call.)
Me: (Store) Home Shop, this is (My Name)
Customer: (In super thick accent) I want to know if you have my order. It’s (unintelligible).
Me: What?
Customer: I want to have know if you have my name. It’s (unintelligible). The order is (something, something, and something.)
Me: I’m sorry, could you repeat that one last time?
Customer: (Get’s super loud) I want to know if you have my order! It’s (spells name)! I don’t know if it’s there or at Gettysburg! It’s extremely important I have my order!
Me: Let me check. (I got enough of the letters that I look for her name.) I’m sorry, but I don’t see an order for (Name)
Customer: Okay.
(The customer then goes on a rant about her order and Gettysburg. I’m confused, since I’m only catching about every other word, and I don’t think we have a location in Gettysburg. But I do write down her name and phone number so I can keep an eye out for her order. I eventually hang up and start on the second order of the day.
Sometimes the handhelds we use will display a different name than what’s on the computer. Sure enough, the name that pops up on the handheld is the customer. I shop her order and call her back. I explain that since she placed it under a different name and phone number, it didn’t show up on my end at first. Her extremely important order: Over $300 of wine, an ice cream cake, and candles.
Fast forward a week, when she places another order. This time, it’s under her name and phone number. Her order is nothing but top shelf wines starting around $40. She wanted six wines, but we were out of three. I call her back to see if she wanted to sub anything.)
Me: Ms. (Name), this is (My Name) with (Store) online shopping. I wanted to go over a couple things with you about your order.
Customer: Okay.
Me: Well, we were out of (Wine #1)-
Customer: (says something unintelligible.)
Me: … Okay, I wasn’t sure if you wanted to go with something else. We were also out of-
Customer: (says something unintelligible, but I get that she ordered a bunch of wine.)
Me: Yes, you ordered six things of wine, but we were out of three of them. They were-
Customer: (something unintelligible).
Me:…. We were out of (Wine 1), (Wine 2), and (Wine 3). Would you like something else?
Customer: (something unintelligible) Get me something at the same price. Don’t get me the cheap stuff. Nothing cheaper. Make it the same price.
Me: Okay… Is it okay if I get you more of what you already ordered and I know we have?
Customer: Yes, fine, or something at the same price. I don’t want the cheap stuff! I only want something at the same price.
(I hang up and go look. The three wines she ordered were all $60 and up. The next most expensive wine we have that she hadn’t already ordered was $20. I got types she already ordered, which were all around $40. Once I rung it up, she had spent over $200 on nothing but wine. Who can afford that?)