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, | Unfiltered | November 26, 2020

I want to know if I’m in the right or the wrong in this situation.

I bought some socks from a clothing store, and they didn’t fit right – they were far too small and incredibly uncomfortable – despite my shoe size being direct in the middle of the range the socks were advertised for, so I took them back.

The cashier needed to get a manager because of it, and the manager told me that they couldn’t return socks where the package had been opened, and said that I would have been told this when I bought them.
Not only was I not told this, it was not specified on the receipt either or anywhere else that was reasonable for me to look – and given that the receipt explicitly specified there was no return on underwear, which would be obvious, I logically assumed there was nothing stopping me returning the socks if they were indeed not as advertised.
I told this to the manager, who then said that they didn’t have to tell me what could and couldn’t be returned – directly contradicting what they said previously – and said they could just not return things without any warning, which again was not said anywhere. I’m not a law expert, but I’m pretty sure that things like that need to be stated.

I explained my logic to them, maybe getting a little frantic because I’m not good with social situations, but not shouting at them – eventually they just let me have the refund, I suspect to get me out of there.

I regularly read these sites, so I was as polite as I could be under the circumstances. Tell me – was I right or wrong?