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(So I’m at work as a barista at a fairly well known coffee chain. I’m close to the end of my shift and it’s only me, my other friend who is working the drive through and my boss making the drink. It is pretty busy even though it’s fairly late in the day. A middle-aged women cuts in front of two teenage boys who have been waiting nicely in line.)
Women: I’ll have a (very hard and unusual order), and make it snappy!
Me:Mam if you could please go behind these two in line I’ll be happy to surve you.
Women:Excuse me! I’m in a rush here. Besides I bet these two juveniles can’t even pay!
Me: Mam please keep your voice down and don’t insult the other customers or else I’ll have to ask you to leave.
Women: Just make my drink!
Me: Mam just go to the end of the line please!
One of the teenage boys: No it’s fine we’ll wait. It’s no problem.
Women: Thank you! Now make my drink now I’m in a rush!
Me: Okay that’s (amount of drink)
Women: What!? It’s never been that much in the past! It’s always been around (extremely low amount that a this drink would never go for)
Me: Sorry Mam but that drink would never go for that price here.
Women: Yes it has! And I want (that drink) for that price! You hear me you f*cking neanderthal!
Me: Mam please stop with that language, or else you’ll have to leave! (Obviously getting frustrated)
Women: I want my drink and I’m not going to pay a cent more for something you obviously are over charging me for!
Me: Mam I’m not over charging you that drink has always gone for that price
Women: No it hasn’t and I’m getting it for (extremely low price)
Me: No you aren’t getting it for that price and if you aren’t going to pay for it you are going to have to leave
Women: No I’m getting my drink for (extremely low price) right now or I’m going come back there and make it my self!
Me: No you’re not Mam (me about to loose it)
(This goes on for another minute and I’m about to call the cops because she keeps screaming at me to make her drink and she’s paying at lot less then is needed. Then suddenly the other one of the teenage boy comes over to the counter)
Teenage boy: Ladie shut the F*CK up!
Women: Excuse me!
Teenage boy: That coffee has always gone for that price here! And just so you can leave this nice girl alone who has been extremely nice to you I’ll pay for your drink! Okay!
(The women goes speechless and then nods like she deserves a free coffee)
Me: Are you sure?
Teenage boy: Quite!
(I take his order and his friends with the women’s order still on there)
Me: That’ll be (sum total)
Teenage boy: No problem
(He lays out a twenty dollar and a five)
Me: I don’t need that five!
Teenage boy: No keep it and the change for dealing with that crazy b*tch
(The drinks were made and handed out. Now when ever one of the boys comes in they get free drinks and the women doesn’t get served)