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, | Unfiltered | November 23, 2020

I’ve got a few allergies thanks to autoimmune disease and am used to having to answer “ALL fur… if it’s a mammal, I’m allergic” to questions such as “oh what type of fur?” when I list them. But, they’re general common allergies like that except for salt. Yes, salt. I always broke out when I sweated and my lips got irritated from highly salty food… but didn’t get the hint until testing shot techniques in med school with saline confirmed it. Well, so this past summer I ended up in the ER for what would turn out to be an ovarian cyst. At in-take, the first nurse asks for my allergies and then gives me the usual funny look.

Nurse #1: What does it do to you?

Me: Break out in urticaria. Severe itching and irritation.

Nurse #1: Oh, okay. Then definitely no saline then.

While she is doing my vitals, an older nurse comes in and gets on the computer to fill in my information there. Again, tell her my allergies and get the funny look.

Nurse #2: You know you have that in your own body.

Me: *deadpan* Yeah, imagine how fun that is for me…

Then she asks what it does and I repeat the same thing I said to the first nurse.

Nurse #1: Uh, then what do we use in her IV?

Nurse #2: Sterile water…

They take me to my room finally and the RN that would be taking care of me comes in to get me changed into a gown and do a urine test. After getting back into bed, she looks at the chart and then me, asking about the salt allergy AGAIN and I repeat AGAIN the same line about what it does to me. She leaves the room and I lay back bored and waiting. After a few minutes, I hear shouting from down the hall.


I didn’t know I could send ER nurses into a tizzy with a simple salt allergy. LoL and not even sure I needed an IV, but some nurses there apparently prefer to go ahead and insert one for drawing blood and administering meds.