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[I have a passing resemblance to the actor Daniel Stern (who played one of the home burglars in “Home Alone”). A coworker/friend teases me about this. He always calls me Daniel at first sight, then corrects himself.

I go on vacation, visiting my sister and her family in Arizona, which is 3 time zones earlier than were I live in Virginia. One late night, about 11:00 PM, I’m watching “City Slickers” with my nieces.]

Older niece: Hey! Billy Crystal’s friend looks like Uncle [me]!
Younger niece: Yeah, you do!

[After face palming, I get an evil idea. I call my friend in Virginia, where it’s about 2:00 AM.]

Friend [on phone]: (sleepily) Hello?…
Me: Hey [friend]! It’s [me]. My nieces here agree with you. I *do* look like Daniel Stern. (click)

[After this, my friend stopped calling me “Daniel”.]

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