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About 12 years ago I happened to make an extra email account for a message board I was on, just for some silliness; [FishEmail]. After that, I mostly forgot about the email account for almost 6 years, and then started using it to receive some newsletters.

For the most part, things went quietly. I had the normal “spam” – notifications from Twitter, MySpace, etc. Then about 10 years after I opened the account I started noticing new emails – Disney accounts, a spa account, even a Facebook account, all in the name of [FishEmail]. So… I started taking over the accounts and closing them.

This past year however I’ve learned that there is – or was at least – a business with the same name as [FishEmail], and I started getting emails supposedly addressed to someone from that company. … Frankly, I’ve gotten a tad tired of other people trying to use my email so… I decided to have some fun with it.

Managing Director: To [Videographer], [FishEmail]: [Videographer], [FishEmail] is CC’d above. His cell is [number]. Would you please contact [FishEmail] to arrange the shoot?
Me (as [FishEmail]): No.
Managing Director: Good morning, [FishEmail]. I don’t understand this email, as I thought [Videographer] has already been in contact with you.
Me (as [FishEmail]): I am a fish.
Managing Director: You are a silly fish!
Me (as [FishEmail]): Si. Still, no. :D
Managing Director: Not “no”. Not “yes” because I don’t understand your question! You are a fish. A silly, silly fish!
Me (as [FishEmail]): Si, I am a fish. No to everything else though. :D

I haven’t heard back from him yet. Maybe he’s caught on that he’s been emailing the wrong person all this time.

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