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(Earlier this year, my husband and I found out we are pregnant. I make an appointment with my doctor to confirm the pregnancy, and find out that we are about 6 weeks along. My doctor is part of a large medical network, and most of the buildings are located within about a mile raduis, in the center of town.)

Nurse: *giving me basic information on early pregnancy symptoms* …. also, our office does not actually provide obstetric care, so you will have to find an OB. I suggest scheduling something for about 2 weeks from now. If you need a referral, we’ll be happy to give you one.

Me: Awesome! I know the whole medical area here is pretty well connected, do you happen to know of anyone that seems to be recommended a lot?

Nurse: *thinking for a moment* I know [male Dr 1] opened his own practice down the street, and he has a couple of other doctors there with him. I’m pretty sure most of the girls here *referring to the other nurses* went there for thier babies, and they all seemed to really like [female Dr 2]. I’ve only heard great things about her. I think we’ve got a couple of cards behind the desk- I’ll grab one for you when you check out.”

(I thank her, check out, and leave. Later, I’m telling my mother about what the nurse said, and find out that [male Dr 1] was actually my mom’s doctor when she was pregnant with me! She highly recommends his practice, so I decide to give them a call. While I’m trying to schedule an appointment, I’m told that [male Dr 1] has actually moved out of obstetrics, and is focusing more on gynecology and a couple of other specialized care areas. However, he has 2 doctors in his practice that do perform OB care. I ask if [ Dr 2] has any upcoming availabilities, but unfortunately she wouldn’t be able to fit me in for about 2 months. The receptionist suggests an upcoming availability with [Dr 3], and assures me that she has had a lot of positive feedback from patients. I decide to go for it and take the appointment. As we get closer to the appointment, I’m pretty nervous, so my husband comes with me. On the day of the appointment, although she seems a bit cold and professional, she seems to know what she’s doing. My husband decides he wants to come to all of my OB appointments, usually hoping to get to see an ultrasound or hear the heartbeat. When my 4 month appointment comes along, we are told that [ Dr 3] will not be in that week, and are given the choice to either reschedule, or see [Dr 2]. We decide to go ahead and see the doctor that I was originally hoping to work with. It’s worthwhile to note that my husband and I have a bit of an age gap, and have become used to the evil eye when we go out.)

[Dr 2]: *brightly breezing into the room* Hi guys! I’m [Dr 2], nice to meet you! *she suddenly stops, steps back, and looks back and forth between my husband and myself*

Me:*thinking to myself* oh no. Here we go.

[Dr 3]: *points at each of us, and has a surprised expression* Oh. I gotta say. Looking at you two- this is gonna be a REALLY cute baby! *laughs warmly*

(My husband and I laugh in relief, and finish the appointment. Over the course of the pregnancy, [Dr 2] has warmed up to us, though I have a feeling her cold demeanor in the beginning was simply due to a busy schedule and meeting new patients. I am thankful for the wonderful treatment the practice has provided for us, and wouldn’t have chosen to go anywhere else. We are expecting our little bundle of joy in the fall!

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