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Lady:hello could I order a pizza for a Johnathan?
Me: yes you can. (After putting in her order) ok if that is all then have a good night mam
20 min later
Lady calls back asking if we can add a message into the box in another language. I’m new and tell her yes and have her spell the message out for me. One of my senior colleagues walks by and ask what’s up, after telling her what the lady wanted, I’m told that we can’t do that. I call the lady back and tell her, but she cant think of anything to put in English. I suggest that I write :there is always a silver lining. Lady accepts and I write it telling her that I hope she has a good day. I don’t know if the person the message was for got it, or if it made them happy, but I really hope it put a bit of pep into their step.

Also sorry for the odd format. I’m typing this on mobile.

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