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, | Unfiltered | November 2, 2020

I was sitting outside and reading a book,while I notice something being dropped down on the table beside me.
I looked up from my book and notice a first sized stone on the table.
I get up from my chair and a stone is dropped again.
As look up, I see our upstairs neighbours’ child throwing a stone down again.

Me: ” Hey. What are you doing!? Please, stop!! It is dangerous!”

The child put on an evil grin and took an other stone, just to drop it down again, just missing my shoulder.

I got angry and shouted:
“Didn’t you understand me? I said stop it! You can hurt me!”

The mother shouted from inside:
“Child what are you doing?!”

The child got up, went to the balcony door and said to her mother:
“Nothing!” and closed the balcony door.

It wasn’t the first and last time, that such a thing happened, but when I confronted the mom several times with it, she denied that her child would do those things.
Instead, she started to bad mouth in the neighbourhood about me.