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(I used to work at a family owned feed store. My coworker and I had been friends since high school and often flirted and bickered and teased each other, so much that it was just second nature. A customer watches one of our typical exchanges and pipes up)
Customer: How long have you guys been married?

Me: Oh, we’re not. Just good friends.

Customer: Well, you should be. Sounds like you’d be good at it!

Coworker: Ah, she wouldn’t have me.

Me: How would you know? You never asked.

Coworker: Well, would you, then?

Me: Nope.

Customer:… (looks back and forth between us, not sure what she’s witnessing)

Coworker: *Winks* Let me carry that out for you.

(This was years ago. We’re still friends and interact the same. I’m happily married and so is he, and our spouses support our friendship and just roll their eyes at our bickering.)