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(We have a number of companies who pay for items and send a workman with a purchase order to collect the order.)
Me: I’m sorry sir, but this order has been sent to (other site)
Workman: But the purchase order has your address on it!
Me: Sir, that purchase order was written by your office, not us, the email printout from us has the address for (site) written on it.
Workman: Then why did (boss) tell me to come here!?
Me: I’m afraid you’ll need to ask him, but since he paid by PayPal only head office can refund it.
(The workman takes his paperwork and leaves, two days later a different guy in the same company jacket comes to my till)
Me: I’m sorry sir, but this order is in (site 2) the address is on the email.
Workman 2: I told him it was near our site, why did he send us here?
Me: You’ll have to ask him.
(Later​ that day)
Me: *on automatic, as it’s nearing the end of my shift* Do you have some photo ID?
Workman 3: (different man, same company) My boss paid for it.
(I look and recognise the name that is listed by PayPal as the one who was sending workmen to the wrong shop)
Me: Could you do me a favour?
Workman 3: Sure
(I fetch him a flyer for our credit account)
Me: Give this to your boss and tell him we are meant to ask for ID on PayPal but if he uses this a purchase order in the company name is fine.

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