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(I am busy working when a customer comes up to me.)
Customer: You look hot.
Me: Huh?
(I was just outside in 100 degree weather, so I didn’t know if he was trying to hit on me or if he was saying I was sweating. Either way, I was a little creeped out.)
Customer: Not to be rude, but how much do you make?
Me: Um…. a little over $9 an hour…
Customer: Wow. Does it go up after a year?
Me: I don’t think so, but I’m part-time…
Customer: I was at a restaurant and my waitress said she only made $2 an hour, and the rest was tips. That’s not right. I left her a good tip. But if it was up to me, you would make $15 an hour. You work with food, so you should be paid more.
Me: Maybe…
Customer: Oh well. (leaves)

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