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It’s the mid-2000s. I am a student at college who is looking for a summer internship. I am trying to log on to the school’s web-recruiting site to look for job opportunities, but realize that I have forgotten my password. For some reason, the site gives me a number to call to retrieve my password, rather than a link to reset it as is common today. I am male, the clerk answering the phone is female. This is relevant.

Clerk: Hello, [College] Career Center, how can I help you?

Me: Yes, I have forgotten my password for the web-recruiting site.

Clerk: Alright, we can get that for you. Can I have your information?

I give her my information, including my name and student identification number. Then, she retrieves my password…

Clerk: Okay, here’s the password you set earlier… it’s “poontang”?

Me: (totally red-faced) Okay, thank you. Bye.

I hung up, totally mortified, and hoping I didn’t make that clerk feel too embarrassed or uncomfortable. Lesson learned – choose your passwords carefully, because you never know whom you might end up having to share them with!

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