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I’m not the one this happened to, but I was there when it happened.
So I work in a well known pet store that also has a grooming salon. Although tips are not required, we still appreciate them.
A client has come to pick up her dog, and we have given her her invoice. She leaves to go to the cash register as we get her dog ready. For security reasons when a guest asks for change, a manager has to come to do the exchange because there is no button to open drawer. However if a guest asks for cash back from their debit card the drawer opens automatically.
Cashier: *Over the intercom* Manager to the front please.
After what seemed to only be about two minutes, the same client comes charging into the grooming salon.
Lady: Every single time I come here, it always takes twenty minutes just to get change!
Salon Lead: I’ll go find someone to help you…
Groomer: I don’t understand, she always comes and requests for change, but pays with a card. She could just request for cash back instead or bring the five dollars.

A few minutes pass and the lady comes into the salon again, slams a five dollar bill on the counter and leaves.

About ten minutes pass when the store manager on duty comes in to tell us what happened.

Store manager: So she complained that it always takes her forever to get change for her twenty dollar bill, and when I calmly asked her why she didn’t just request for cash back she started yelling that it was our job to make change and not to question her.

Salon Lead: I think she was the one that filed a complaint with corporate that ended up getting dismissed because they explained to her that it was policy.

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