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The Beer Store my Dad works at had its debit machine down one day. Though, a lot of the customers got agitated about it, and pretty much made it seem like it was my Dad and/or the Beer Store’s fault for it happening. Of course, my Dad was getting irritated, especially when a guy came back THREE times that day!

Finally, after the third time of the guy complaining, my Dad finally had to be firm to him by saying, “Look, this is the third time you’ve been in here, and you know the machine is down. Now, I’m sick of hearing it.”

The guy mumbled, “Oh, I’m sorry… I was just having a little fun.”

Then, I believe this is what my Dad said in his head, “No, you’re just being a f****** asshole.”

At least some people were understanding, especially one woman, who came in and was disappointed about the machine, but didn’t make a huge fuss about it. She even said she had an experience, when she used to work at the grocery store, about a guy losing his s***, because the computers malfunctioned.

She even told my Dad, “He was getting all bent out of shape, as if it’s our fault that the computers are down…”

My Dad said this, while telling me this story, “Always have cash on you, because you never know. Heck, even at Tim Horton’s, the debit machine goes down, but I don’t make a huge fuss about it. I’m just simply like, ‘Oh, crap.’ At least I have cash on me!”

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