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University Program Doesn’t Require Listening Skills

I work for an engineering company that has engineering right in the name. This call comes in on our mainline. In order to reach me, she has had to hear our automated greeting, giving the company name and asking her to choose what engineering department she needs connected to. The caller speaks in a very slow and distracted manner.

Me: *company name*. How may I help you.

Customer: Yeah…… I’m a student with *medical sounding* program in *** University… I’m trying to log in to the system but I’m getting an error…

Me: Um, I’m not sure you have the right number. This is *company name*.

Customer: Yeah….. I’m on the website and- *pauses to chatter to someone in the background* And it’s telling me my session is expired… and-

Me: I’m sorry, Ma’am? I think you have the wrong number. This is *company name*, an engineering company. Are you trying to reach an engineering company?

Customer: Well….. Let me ask YOU. …Is this *number that is nowhere close to our number*?

Me: No. This is *our number*.

Customer: Oh…… *click*

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