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I was waiting tables at Pizza Hut in Albuquerque, NM from 1991 to 1992. This was around the time when Pizza Hut offered personal pan pizzas during lunch in thirty minutes or less otherwise it was free.

One Friday during an extremely busy lunch rush, three business women came in. All three in expensive tailored suits, make up/hair/nails impeccable and leather brief cases.

They all ordered personal pan pizzas and despite the fact that I had many other tables, I got them their personal pan pizzas within ten minutes and their drinks never hit the half way mark.

When I brought the check they complimented my service and said they would be back.

When they were walking towards the door to leave I noticed they had left me a 75 cent tip.

One of my co-workers later told me that I should have ran up to the women with the tip, gave it back to them saying, “Here you go. Obviously you need this more than I do.”