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(Im a cashier at a grocery store and for the most part its not too crazy stories with customers…just the main (customers upset that we now have a chip, something is the wrong price, etc). This one lady though who seemed nice but was annoying, she had a WIC check which usally isnt that bad for me but heres what happend with this lady.)

[im paraphrasing as I dont remember everything word for work]

Customer:Hi I have a few WIC checks and I seperated them now I have few things that Im not sure if they are WIC because there are no signs saying “WIC approved” like at the other store

Me: No problem I can check for you

[Scans Cereal]

Me: No this isnt WIC

Customer: Oh well if you had signs on the shelfs then maybe people would know

[I call manger over to get override and help with the WIC and we get the right bread]

[Scans Yougurt]

Me: sorry this isnt WIC either

Customer:What? are you sure? I mean i wouldnt know there are no signs like at the other store

My Manger (looking at WIC booklet):Yeah this one isnt right because its the light and fit kind

Customer: Oh really? They should really have signs up like the other store has

My Manager{in a loud wisper that I swore the customer heard}:WELL if you read the book it would cleary tell you what you can get

[FAST FORWARD-3 or 4 more items that were not WIC item]

(I eventually got all the correct items but through the WHOLE time I was thinking “IF THE OTHER STORE HAS SIGNS WHY DONT YOU GO THERE? and “READ THE BOOK NEXT TIME”)