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I pop into the bodega near work this morning to grab breakfast before work, having not eaten since I woke up, so I’m a bit cranky. I visit this bodega a few times a week and have a good rapport with the owner.

Me: Coffee and this muffin please.
Store Owner: No sandwich today?
Me: Nope. Coffee and muffin please.
Store Owner: Any valentine’s Day plans?
Me: Nah, just working.
Store Owner: Aw, I’ll give you your muffin for free if you promise to do something nice for yourself today.
Me: [Store Owner], I swear to god, if you don’t give me my muffin right now I will lose my mind.
Store Owner’s wife from the back: [Store Owner] YOU LEAVE THAT LADY ALONE AND GIVE HER HER DAMN MUFFIN.
Store Owner: Geeeeeeeze fine, here. I hope you have a good day anyways.
Me: Thank you, [Store Owner]. I’ll see you next time.

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