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(I’m a stylist in a salon that’s located inside a local superstore. A woman came in for a perm. She was a bit uppity, but mostly polite. After I took out the rollers, I noticed that the perm didn’t take as well as we had hoped. I sat her down and began to cut her hair, hoping I would notice more curl as it dried.)

Client: You know, I’m pretty pissed. Never has a perm not taken to my hair.

Me: Ma’am, I understand your concern. I followed the instructions precisely for the perm. It could be that the solution I used didn’t work for your hair. I’m sorry this happened, so I’m not going to charge you for the perm.

(She was still pretty upset, but I got her talking about her kids and she seemed to be in a better mood. I finished the haircut – it was just a trim with some layers, and I brought her to the front.)

Me: So, again, I’m not going to charge you for the perm. I will note in your profile to not use that solution again. However, I will just charge you for the cut. Is that okay?

Client: No, it is not okay! For that little bit of hair! You barely cut anything off!

Me: Ma’am, you asked for a trim, and when I confirmed the length with you, you said it was okay. I use the same technique whether I cut off one inch or 10.

Client: This is ridiculous! I will never come back here! You barely took any hair off!

Me: Do you want me to cut more off?

Client: No! I’m never coming back here!

Me: You know what? I’ve got it. Don’t worry about it.

Client: Do you have a company card?!

Me: (Opens a couple drawers) I’m sorry. We must be out. I can’t find any.

Client: Whatever! (Storms out.)

(I called my manager and let her know what happened, offering to pay for the client who stormed off. She said some people are just like that and not to worry. Lovely that people expect free services.)