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Customer: Will a D2 battery work in something that needs a D battery?
Me: I’m not sure what a D2 battery is, but I know we sell regular D batteries.
(I take the customer over to the battery display)
Customer: See! (Pointing at the upper right corner of the battery pack) You only have D2 and D4!
Me: Oh! I’m sorry about the confusion there, the number is showing how many is in the package. It says D2 on the 2 pack and D4 on the 4 pack. They are all just D batteries.
(She doesn’t quite seem to believe me so I show her on the other sizes of battery too how the number just matches the amount in the package)
Customer: (hands me back the batteries she was holding) Thanks for trying to help honey, but I’m just going to go shop somewhere they sell regular D batteries.