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(I work at an authorized dealer for a phone company. Our customers can make their payments at stores as opposed to online. Since my store is an authorized dealer, it is owned by a company separate to the phone company we represent. We only have access to transactions done in our store and cannot view access other stores’ systems.)

*Customer comes in and requests to make a payment.

Me: “What is your phone number?”

*Customer gives me his phone number.

Me: “It appears your bill was already paid off for this month. You don’t owe any money until next month.”

Customer: “Okay thank you.”

Me: “You’re welcome, have a goodnight!”

About a minute later the customer comes back in.

Customer: “You didn’t give me a receipt for my payment!”

Me (confused): I’m sorry sir, but you didn’t make a payment here.

Customer: “Yes I made a payment!”

Me: (thinking he may be referring to a payment that was made earlier by a family member): “Did you make a payment at this store today?”

Customer: “I made the payment, and I want the receipt for it!”

Me: “Sir, do you remember when and where the payment was made, because I can only pull up receipts made at this store on this day only.”

Customer: “Well the payment was made and I want a receipt!”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but like I said I can only give you a receipt for a payment made today at this store. Did you make your payment at this store?”

Customer: “So you won’t give me my receipt?!?!”

Me: “I only have access to transactions done at this store today, and I would also need you to tell me around what time you made your payment.”

Customer: “I made my payment just now!!!”

Me: “Sir you didn’t make a payment just now; when I checked your account it showed that it was already paid off”

*Customer storms out.

I’m just standing there wondering what was going through his head…

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