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(I was putting out product we just got in in our electronics section and I see a customer looking at our ink)

Me: Can help you with anything.

Customer: Ya i’m trying to find the correct ink, I came in here two other times and got the wrong ink both times.

Me: Oh did an employee possibly told you something wrong.

Customer: No, I didn’t want to ask for help.

Me: Ok, do you know what kind of printer you have.

Customer: No but I’ve bought this one before (shows black HP 60 ink) and it should be this other one (shows colored HP 61 ink) I bought them both the first time to and thought they should work.

Me: Ok, what you need is this one (shows colored HP 60) or possibly this one (shows black HP 61)

Customer: No, it’s suppose to be the lower number is black and then one number up for color.

(This goes on for a while of him not understanding that he needs to get the same numbers until he says he remembers his printer number… he thinks.)

Customer: You guys should really have a better way to show what ink we need.

(He then goes on to explaining how it’s our fault he picked up the wrong ink twice.)