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(A family walks in and orders their food, with adjustments to a few of their meals (no tomato, extra toast etc.). They are quite rude, but I write it off as them just being hungry. I write down what I think I hear them say, but given that things aren’t quiet in the kitchen and it’s hard to hear what customers say, and also due to the chef not reading properly what I’ve written down, they end up with a few items extra at no extra cost.)
Mother: “I told you that *menu item* is what we wanted!
Me: I’m not disputing that you did, and I am sorry for the mix up, it’s just quite hard to hear you over the kitchen noise. I-
Father: Stop the attitude.
Me: I’m sorry sir?
Father: You messed up and my wife did nothing wrong, you have an attitude problem.
Me: Sir, I wasn’t disputing what she said, I was trying to apologise and-
Father: Stop the attitude.
Me: Alright sir, sorry.
(I went back into the kitchen-I had been trying to offer to take the extra items off the plate for him, but if he’s going to keep interrupting me he can do that himself!)

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