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This is one of the far and few stories where I (the customer) actually kept their cool when they could have gone off. My friend and I went to a very popular department store to look at dresses for a wedding I am attending next month. We found the perfect dress but I had to order a bigger size since they did not have anymore there. We go to check out and the cashier begins by smiling and telling me she will look up the biggest sizes they have .. umm okay thanks .. then after that transaction has been completed, she fussed at me for choosing the email receipt option instead of having it printed out, and then goes through and makes the receipt print out to give to me. I was also purchasing another outfit and a pair of spanx/shapewear. She proceeds to ask if I tried it on bc she doesn’t think it stretches THAT far and tries to demonstrate that it’s not very stretchy … at this point I’m extremely confused. Is she trying to say maybe the material is not good? Is she trying to be helpful? Or is she just blatantly saying that I’m too big to fit in these clothes? (I’m 5-1 curvy and am a size 10-12). I smiled and just made it through the transaction without getting annoyed but I couldn’t help but think she was so rude.