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(This was accounted from my mother. She took my little brother and his friend to a roller rink, and the following occurred. There were a few kids sitting in the way of people skating, dressed in gang-type outfits. The women involved had no previous interaction.)

Woman 1: *under breath* Those kids REALLY need to move out of the way!
(Woman #2, presumed to be the mother of the kids, starts flipping out for no reason.)
Woman 2: *unintelligible screaming*
(She then picks up her kid’s uneaten birthday cake, and THROWS it right at Woman #1)
Woman #1: *speechless, but furious*
(Everyone in the immediate area begins to circle the table, trying to get Woman #2 to calm down.)
Woman #2: *knocked over from pushing or shoving people trying to get a closer look at Woman #1*
(Woman #1 was eventually controlled enough to get her to leave, while the kids who were sitting in the way followed shortly after.)