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At my job we don’t keep overstock in the back, that’s only for receiving. Instead, overstock is kept in pallets on steel risers over the sales floor, so when someone asks if we have something “in the back” we have to walk up and down every aisle of the huge store, looking for the pallet in the steel. That’s what I’m doing when this happens.

Customer one: “Where do you guys have the pineapple juice?”

Me: “If we have it it’d be in the juice aisle, which is the last one on this side.” (About 3 aisles down)

Customer one: “IF you have it?”

Me: “Yeah, sorry. I don’t actually work in grocery so I’m not sure, but I know that it’d be with the rest of the juice.

Customer one: *Raises eyebrows, looks annoyed*

Me: “I’m actually already helping someone, but if you guys don’t see it I can go look when I’m done.”

The customer gives her husband an annoyed look, but the guy that I was already helping had been waiting for awhile so I went back to walking the steel. About 2 minutes later I happen to pass customer one again. She’s found the juice and has her cart parked in the middle of the aisle so that it’s hard to get around. I smile at her as I squeeze by next to it when another customer coming from the opposite direction speeds up and lunges her cart towards me, almost hitting me, I’m guessing annoyed that I didn’t see her coming and give way.

Customer two: Excuse you!

Me: *Ignores her rudeness, smiles, and keeps checking the steel, making customer two even madder*

Customer two to customer one: “Can you believe her? So rude!”

Customer one: “I asked her for help and she wouldn’t even show me where this juice is! At *expensive store* they walk you right to it, she just told me where it is!”

Customer two: “Employees these days are so lazy!”

Luckily the customer that I was helping from the start was much more pleasant, but sadly, I didn’t find his item in the steel.

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