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This happened a few years back during the holiday shopping season. I had just finished a customers layaway and was about to return to the floor when another customer approaches the layaway counter.

Me: “Hello. How can I help you?”

The woman places a pair of gloves on the counter

Customer: “Can you tell me what size these gloves are?”

I take the gloves and look at the tag, noticing it says “OSFM” in bold letters.

Me: “The tag says that they are one-size-fits-most, ma’am.”

Customer: “So would they fit someone who is a medium size?”

Me: “Ma’am, they are one-size-fits-most.”

Customer: “Right, but would they fit someone who is a medium?”

I realize at this point that the woman is obviously not understanding what one-size-fits-most means, so I simply answer.

Me: “Yes, they would.”

As she walks off to continue her shopping, I stand in amazement at the fact that she could not grasp the concept that a medium would fit into the “most” category.