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(I work in a pharmacy that has a drive thru. We have 2 lanes, and while we can service just about everything from the first lane, the second lane we can only do certain things, due to size limitations on the carrier tube. Another major rule we have is that everyone has to stay in their cars in the drive thru for safety reasons. This is a Sunday afternoon, and my co-worker is servicing a pregnant woman with children in the second lane. Unfortunately, half way through the transaction, we realize we won’t be able to send the prescription by the tube, because it’s a glass bottle. Note: The first lane is empty, as the car that was there previously has jus)
Co-worker: Ma’am, I’m sorry to inform you, but we can’t send your medication through the drive thru, as it’s a glass bottle and could break. If you could just pull into the first lane, we can serve you there.
(The customer instead gets out of the car, runs ACROSS the barrier, and into the first lane. The pharmacist, listening to the exchange while she’s mixing the prescription, panics and runs to the window to meet her)
Pharmacist: Ma’am, please get out of the lane!
Customer: (annoyed) What are you talking to me like that for? But he just told me to come to the first lane.
Pharmacist: He meant to DRIVE into the first lane. It’s dangerous for you to be standing in the first lane.
Customer: Why can’t I be in the first lane?
Pharmacist: If a car comes around the corner, they won’t see you. Could you please at least wait with your car while we finish the prescription?
(The customer walks back across the lane, and waits on the barrier, but doesnt move while we finish her prescription.)
Pharmacist: For god’s sake, that psycho b**** is crazy! She can’t even really run while pregnant.
Me: Never mind she left the car full of kids unattended…
(We finish her prescription, nervously checking that there aren’t any cars coming, and that she’s staying on the barrier. She’s glaring at us annoyed the whole time, and walks up to the first window AGAIN, even though we’ve now told her twice not to do that.)
Pharmacist: Okay, here’s your [prescription], remember to shake it before dosing, and refridgerate.
Customer: You didn’t have to talk like that to me.
Pharmacist: I was just worried, I didn’t want you getting hit by a car.
(She’s still glaring at her when she finally walks away, get’s back in the car, and drives away)