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I am working on a trolley car that gives narrated tours of our city’s downtown. The trolley parks next to the trolley station, which is where tickets for the rides are sold. The station has it’s own parking lot. The station also sells tickets for a boat that gives narrated tours on the history of our city’s river. The parking lot for the boat is shared with that of a nearby building and is a very short walk away, and both the boat and trolley parking lots are so close together, that it doesn’t really matter which one you park in to go to either ride. I am on the trolley just as it is about to leave so I can give the narration when an elderly woman come up to me. She asks, “I’m going on the next boat ride, is it ok if I parked in this lot?” (meaning the trolley parking lot.) I reply with, “Yes ma’am. You can park in either lot.” She says, “Can I go park in the parking lot over there?” (pointing to the boat lot.) I say, “You can go in either one.” She then says, “But the parking lot is for that building over there.” I then reply, ” No, the lot is shared you can go in either one.” She asks, “Are you sure?” I reply, “Yes.” She finally managed figure it out, but the conversation made our ride start late.