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(I used to work at a call centre during my summers during my undergrad. This call centre was for multiple campaigns and companies, one of them serving as an answering service for a temp agency, dealing with branches in both Canada and the US when their phones are busy or during their closing hours. This was the campaign I worked on. Unfortunately some people tend to automatically think we are the branches itself, and we have to explain to them we can leave a message for them, or they either try calling back in 10-15 minutes during business hours, or the next business day if the branch is closed. It is around 10 PM at night, and there is only a few of us left on the phones until an hour later when the overnight staff takes over. I suddenly receive a call. For clarification, before the story begins I am female.)

Me: Thank you for calling the [Company Name} Message Centre, this is [My Name], how can I help you?

Caller: *having a little bit of a slur in his voice, possibly a little bit drunk* Yeah, I keep getting messages from [Company Name] on my facebook, and it is really interfering with my business….

Me: *completely confused, as I know very little about the branches of the company doing facebook related communcation, but I repeat to clarify.* Ah, I’m sorry sir, just to make sure. You’re saying your branch is sending you facebook messages, and it is interfering with your business?

Caller: Yeah, like, I don’t care who you are, but I keep getting facebook messages from you guys, and y’know, it’s really interfering with my business n’ stuff.

Me: Hmmm, that’s a very different thing for the branch to do… *decides to try and pull up the location of the branch in case he wants to leave a message, as the branch is definitely closed at that time* Do you know the number of the branch that has been sending you these messages?

Caller: Uh, I think it’s [Branch Number]

Me: *pulls up the branch and looks at the location, asking to confirm, as we are supposed to for our procedures* Alright, so that would be the location in [City and Province Name], correct?

Caller: Uh, yeah, I guess so.

Me: *looking at the branch, and checking the business hours, attempting to send him in the right direction* Excellent, thank you sir. Now, unfortunately, I don’t know exactly why the branch may be doing that, as we only serve as an answering service for the branches when they are busy or closed, and your branch is closed at this time.

Caller: *annoyed* Of course they are.

Me: However, they are open tomorrow morning at 6 am so you can always-

Caller: *immediately cutting me off* Blah, blah, blah, blah! Hey, can you have an orgasm?

Me: *completely silent, being taken by surprise by this*

Caller: Guess not! Bye! *click*

(I was just happy he hung up after that. After that call, I had learned the gentleman had called previously. He merely swore profusely at my coworker who was attempting to serve him. Most likely because of the my coworker’s middle eastern accent. After he hung up on me, he had called again and got another one of my coworkers. Surprisingly enough he had been on the phone with that co worker for the longest, and somehow managed to get off the phone with him unscathed. Apparently with him, he started rambling about how it sucked to live in the city he was in, and started talking about a gay bus. We never really found out what he meant about his office sending him facebook messages.)

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