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, | Unfiltered | June 7, 2020

This happened years ago. The supermarket had a clothesdepartment and the lady in front of me cleared all the panties and a few bras from the clearance bin. It was about 20 panties or so, some with barely enough textile to hold the lace trimmings. The cashier was a young teen, male and about 16 years old. To add insult to injury, all pricetags where INSIDE the folded panties, forcing the clearly discomfortable guy to open them all and often peak inside. With grunts and impatient looks, the customer made clear she wanted him to fold them back. He handled them as if they where hot, trying to touch them as little as posdible, all the while his face and ears becoming a deeper shade of red. The customer did not help by radiating impatience, tapping the floor and making annoyed noises.
Finally, he get through them and whispers the total. The customer says “finally”, throws the underwear in a bag and pays. Again annoyed as it wasn’t easy handing the money since the cashier refused to make eye contact..
I was all smiles as I felt for him to have this in what must have been his first week on the job or at least his first week unsupervised at the till. My smiles were lost though as he still refused to make eye contact, clearly trying to compose himself.
If you read this, for what it is worth, you deserved a medal for bravery for dealing with this and to persevere. And I’m sorry I was too young and too insecure to come to your defense