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(We cook rotisserie chickens and package them all day. If they haven’t sold in three hours since they left the oven, they’re marked down to half off, after four hours, we dispose of them. Oddly enough, this leads to some confusion.)

Customer: “Why is this chicken marked down to half off?”
Me: “Ah, we do that when they’ve been out of the oven for three hours and then throw them away once they’ve been out four hours to make sure what you can buy stays fresh.”
Customer: “So, it’s still good?”
Me: “Yes, ma’am, the only reason it’s marked down is because it’s been out of the oven for three hours.”
Customer: “So… it’s still good?”
Me: *not believing I actually have to say this* “Yes, ma’am. We don’t sell expired product.”

(The customer blankly stares at me for a few more seconds before placing the chicken in her cart and walking away with a confused look on her face)

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