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(I work security on a music festival once a year, usually in the ‘wavebreaker’, the steel barrier that keeps the crowd from pushing forward too much. As most guests already know, it’s forbidden to sit on each others shoulders within a few meters of the barrier, since people could smash their faces on it, if the bottom person falls over. If they do, we command them down, generally by gestures and short, loud commands, as it’s too loud and too busy to make a long story of it. A tall guy takes a girl on his shoulders, so she can see better.

Me: *shouts and points downwards* DOWN!

Guest: *stares at me blankly*


Guest: *confused* Who?

Me: You! Her! Down!

(I look in his eyes, and can actually see him realizing what I am talking about, as if he had instantly forgotten about the girl he just picked up a mere few seconds ago)

Guest: OH!! Right! *puts her back down*