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I worked as a cashier at a large chain grocery store in Michigan, the store I worked at was about 30 minutes from the Ambassador Bridge to Canada so I frequently had Canadian customers. One day a guy came through with 2 shopping carts FILLED with groceries, I ring up the items and chat with the customer, he’s preparing for a barbeque and his total was nearly $700. As I tell him the total he pulled out a large wad of cash, all of which are Canadian bills, he starts counting then looked up and asked “You take Canadian right?” To which I tell him “I’m sorry sir but no, we only accept American currency.” He responded with “But you’re so close to Canada why don’t you take Canadian?” I, a little caught off guard, say “Because.. This is America? So we only take American?” “Oh well” put’s the cash away “Will a Canadian Visa card work?” “Yup!” He paid and left. The customer after him and I shared a laugh.