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(I work in a major retail store, and we have to card people who are buying alcohol. If everyone in a group looks young i need to card them all. This takes place in the evening on a slow day. I get a customer that looks around 20 years old.)

Me: Good evening. I’ll need to see ID for the beer please.
(The customer hands me his ID, and I notice he has a girl with him that looks about 16.)
Me: Okay and I’ll need to see her ID too please.
Customer: Why? She doesn’t have one.
Me: It’s policy to check the IDs of a group if they look under 30.
Customer: That’s bullshit. She’s my uber driver so you don’t need to see her ID.
Me: I’m sorry sir, but I can’t sell you this alcohol without seeing her ID.
Customer: That is bullshit. She’s just my uber driver!

(All the while the teenager has looked confused and embarrassed. Both of them leave my line and leave behind their beer. 10 minutes later the same man comes into my lane, same kind of beer.)

Customer: There, she’s gone. Now can I buy this beer?
Me: No, I’m sorry but I can’t sell you this if I think you’ll give it to a minor. I still need to see her ID.
Customer: Fuck you and this bullshit! I’ll go buy beer wherever I want.

(He leaves the line again. I flag my CSM and tell him about it in case he tries to do it to another lane.)

Me: I still don’t know why he came back to the same lane.
Manager: I’ve got no idea. I’ll keep an eye out for him.
Me: What I find funny is that if she’s his uber driver she should have her license with her.
Manager: Yeah, they don’t really think their lies through very well.