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[I work in a food court in a mall and I’m on my lunch break, walking to a table after I’d just ordered food. I walk past a group of 3 girls who are throwing their cups up in the air and letting it spill all over the table. I watch this for a minute before walking over]
Me: “You do know someone has to clean this sh*t up after you, right?”
Girl 1: “Yeah?”
Girl 2: “We’re just doing this challenge we saw.”
Me: “Okay? Good for you, not only does the janitors have to clean up the already super messy food court, they have to clean this up.” [makes an exaggerated gesture to the mess all over the table]
Girl 3: “But, it’s their job.” [Looks at me like I’m a moron]
Me: “Yeah, and I hope one day no one makes your future job this hard for you.” [Obviously I say this as sarcastically as I can because at this point I’m very salty and I hope someone gives these girls hell in the future.]
Girl 2: [detecting my salt] “I think we should go.” [The other 2 nod and agree, then get up and leave. A janitor walks by and sees the mess and I grab rags from my work and try and dry the table up as much as I can. I seriously hope that janitor had a better rest of the day.]

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