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(This happens at a drive thru where the customers can see their order as it’s being taken. The next order I take is placed by an older sounding man for himself and a passenger.)
Me: *Answers next order over headseat* Hi welcome to [Fast Food Chain]! This is [My Name], how may I help you?
Customer: I need the (Hot dog combo) with Fries and a Coke and I want the Popcorn chicken combo!
Me: Alright, would you like your popcorn chicken entree to be medium or large?
Customer: Large! And make sure there’s BBQ.
Me: No problem, now would you like tater tots or fries for your side?
Customer: I want a small order of tots.
(For a combo the only options are medium and up, which I’ve explained to many customers before and they either are ok up sizing or they don’t want the combo option and instead order things seperate. I proceed to explain this to the customer.)
Me: I’m sorry sir, but for a combo, your side and drink need to be a medium size or bigger.
Customer: I want the small tater tot.
Me: *I remove the combo and ring up the large popcorn chicken entree and a small tater tot* Okay, would you like anything else today?
Customer: I still want the combo! Give me a medium Sprite!
Me: *Making the entree a combo again with a sprite and leaving the small tots as an extra purchase* Would you like tater tots or fries with that then?
Customer: I said I want the small tots!!!
Me: Sorry sir, the tater tots must be at least a medium to be a combo.
Customer: Make them small!!
Me: So you wouldn’t want the combo then?
Customer: I want the freaking combo!!!
Me: Okay, is it alright to make the tots a medium then?
Customer: I said SMALL!!! Give me the COMBO!
Me: Sir, for a combo the side and drink must be a medium or bigger.
Customer: Give me the combo!!!
Me: Alright with a medium tater tot?
Customer: NO! I SAID SMALL!!!
(This goes on for another minute before I finally heard him yell to his passenger how stupid I was and then heard him drive off.)

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