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[I am at the tills and a customer approaches me with an item she wants to bring back. She also has a basket full of shopping.]

Me: Okay, I have returned your [item], so that’ll be £16.99 going back to you. Would you like me to put your shopping through the same transaction?

Woman: Yes please!

[I scan her shopping through]

Woman: And is that at zero now?

Me: No – there’s still £5.96 going back to you.

Woman: Okay. Let me go and find something else.

[She leaves the till – bear in mind there is a queue building – and rushes to grab something from an aisle. A minute or so later she returns with a few items. I scan them through]

Me: That’s still £2.56 going back to you.

Woman: Really? I’ll find something else I might need.

[Again she rushes off. She takes a little longer this time, and comes back with things from the very back of the shop.]

Woman: Okay. What is it now?

Me: It’s 10p going back to you.

Woman: Ugh. What is there around here for 10p?

Me: [with a dead-pan expression] Two carrier bags?

[She actually bought the carrier bags so she didn’t have any money to go back to her. I have absolutely no idea why it was so important for the balance to level out at £0.00 … luckily I had patient customers who were as baffled and amused as I was!]

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