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, | Unfiltered | May 6, 2020

(I’m a brand new employee at a popular fast food restaurant, I’m only on my third week and I’m on the till, and I’m doing pretty well with it lately, despite how nervous I was to be on till. Today, however, we were down three people cause a few called in and one quit. I’m working till in the middle of a rush, calling for the next person so I can take their order. This is the interaction between me and the customer who’s order I have already taken, who is getting increasingly impatient);

Me:”I can help whoever’s next over here!”(I had finally gotten through everyone so no one came forwards to order)

Customer #1: *with a bit of a snarky attitude* “you could help them instead of standing around.”( the customer vaguely gestured to where one of my managers and only one other employee were running around getting drinks and assembling food, and struggling, with the sudden rush of orders)

(As I’m a few weeks new, I’m still learning the rules and one of them? I’m not allowed to step away from till unless the lobby has all been served. During this customers comment, another customer has walked in. As polite as I could, I replied to the customer.)
Me:”I’m not actually allowed to step away from till right now.” ( I then ask the new customer if he’s ready to order. So I start taking his order. Customer #1 has one last thing to say)
Customer #1: “well that’s your fault then. This is f***ing ridiculous”

(I was a little hurt the rest of that rush because how was it my fault? Apparently since I’m new I should be doing whatever I want, and going against my managers orders. Some customers don’t seem to understand how little authority some employees actually have in certain cases!)

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