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I was working as a cashier trainer, training teenagers how to work the cash registers, scan, bag, give change, etc. One cashier seemed to be coming along fine, until I watched her give change. The cash registers were set up to show the change to be given so all the cashier had to do was open the till and hand out what was showing on the screen. This particular transaction, the change was to be $5.83, the cashier trainee reached into the till, got a $5 bill, 8 dimes and three pennies. After she gave the customer the change, I asked, why did you give them 8 dimes? she said because it was 83 cents, I said yes, you could’ve have done it with 3 quarters, a nickel and three pennies. She said I could? she had no idea that 3 quarters added up to 75 cents and it was a shorter path to 80 cents than 8 dimes! I weep for our future generation.

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