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(This story happens while I’m working the fitting rooms for a popular clothing chain. It’s the start of the day, there’s nothing to do, and only one mother and daughter trying on clothes. The daughter comes out wearing a shirt that says “Breaking News-I Don’t Care”. It’s also worth noting that I’m 17.)
Mother: *gasps* “Oh, no honey. I don’t like the message it sends. Go try something else on.”
Daughter: *sighs*. “Okay mom.”
Mother: (to me) “What did you think?”
Me: “Well, I personally saw nothing wrong with it, but that’s just my opinion.”
Mother: “I just-ugh. It’s the message that all these lazy youths are sending today and I don’t want that for my daughter. She’s a person who does care.”
Me: *nods slowly*
(I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just stood there for a few moments until her daughter emerged holding an armful of clothing, including the offending shirt)
Mother: “Thank you! Have a great day!”

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