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(A customer comes to return two items from two different receipts. We always have to process refunds on the exact method of original payment, down to the last 4 digits on the cards, for fraud prevention)

Me: Ok, so since these were both bought at different times and on different cards, I’ll have to do two transactions, ok?

Customer: No you can just do one, because I’ll put it all back on just one card.

Me: Well we actually have to return it to the exact same card it was purchased on.

Customer: Yeah and that’s a debit card.

Me: But two cards were used for these transactions, so I have to put the money back on each card.

Customer: (all of a sudden getting extremely rude and raising her voice) that’s ridiculous! I don’t have the other card with me; it’s my son’s and he’s at home! What am I suppose to do?

Me: You can either come back later with the card or I can give you store credit.

Customer: No way this is absurd, this has never happened before!

Me: Yes, this has always been our policy.

Customer: No way where does it say that!? Does it even say *anywhere* that that’s your policy?

(I turn around and read the huge sign on the wall that states our return policy. the customer I guess is reading it too)

Customer: oh… it does say that.

Me: yeah.

Customer: (rude again) it’s still ridiculous! I don’t want it on my son’s card, I want it on my card! And these things don’t even work anyway so what are you going to do?

Me: I’m going to give you store credit, or let you return it later with the right card.

Customer: Well what would you do if someone didn’t have their same card anymore!? what would you do then!? Huh!?

Me: We would give them store credit.

Customer: It’s not even an expensive item!

Me: It doesn’t matter how much it costs, we’re preventing fraud.

Customer: Well I’m not frauding you!

Me: It doesn’t matter if you’re not. This also prevents fraud from the associates. If it goes back on a different card, there’s nothing saying that I didn’t return this to my own card.

Customer: Well don’t you have a manager or something who can override it!?

Me: I’m the manager.

Customer: (suddenly all nice) oh! Well then nevermind! I’ll just come back with my son’s card later. Have a good day!