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(So I am a high school student, and for my 7th period of the day I have my Theater 1-2 class. In this classroom we have a spirit chain hung up on the ceiling. On this particular day we had a sub and some of the boys in my class were messing around. Boy 1 jumps and ends up knocking a part of the chain down)
Boy 1:[My name] why did you knock this down? Why? I am so disappointed in you.
(I try to ignore him because he likes to get on my nerves, and then Boy 2 joins in)
Boy 2: Yeah[my name] why did you do that?
Boy 1: I am so disappointed in you.
Me:Yeah just like the rest of my family.
(Both boys looked at me in shock and were left speechless. They left me alone and told their friends what I said, while stood there laughing. I know my family is disappointed in me and I make them very proud.)

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