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Scene: a night club that i work at. There is a man making a commotion outside. I come over to see whats going on.

Bouncer: This man wants to get in for free

Customer: I am an old childhood friend of the owner and I demand in!

Bouncer: Theres no way yo–

Customer: I am! Let me in!

I decide to step in

Me: Oh really? You’re from Mexico?

Customer: Yes, I grew up with the owner there! I was his best friend, Marcos!

Me: Wow, another person from the small city, Platanos!

Customer: Yes, yes I grew up there let me in now!

Me: you really want in? Well I doubt I cant say no, except for the fact that you claim to live in of bananas with me through grade school. Well let me say I did not grow up in a town full of bananas, nor did I have friends. Get out.

He runs away! My bouncer, my real best bud from my childhood laughs his ass off, along with the rest of the line

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