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Me-Sales Associate in shoe department of a store that is notorious for fraud

*A man walks in with over 1500$ of online products that were purchased from our online store*

Me: Hello Sir, How can I help you today?
Customer: Hi, I’d like to return all of these products, and I would like the funds returned in cash. [When a customer asks for cash, we are trained to ask manager for approval]
Me: Sure thing, let me go get my manager to approve this because it is an amount over 1,000$
Customer: Why the hell would you need to do that?
Me: Well sir, transactions in cash over 1,000$ need approval by the department manager as well as the store manager.
*Most fraud customers leave at this point*
Customer: Fine, go get them. *to my surprise*
Me: Right away, also, if you dont mind me asking, where did your purchase your items so that I can update my boss. *He had not told me that he purchased them from online at this point*
Customer: What you don’t believe I bought these things legally? Are you calling me a liar!
Me: Sir, I never said any such thing, I am simply asking so that I can tell the manager so that he has an understanding when he speaks with you.
Customer: *shouting* Are you f***ing kidding me? Are you calling me a liar?
Me: No Sir, excuse me but i am leaving to go get my manager.
*I leave to get department manager, I explain it is probably fraud, and it would be a good idea to get the store manager*
*Store manager finds me and walks with me to customer*
Manager: Hello sir, what can we do for you today?
Customer: This piece of shit *pointing at me* said that I didn’t buy these products legally!
Me: Sorry Sir but I said no such thing.
Customer: Yes you did I heard you, give me a piece of paper! *Manager gives him one* You said exactly this (writes “Where did you buy these items, did you purchase them legally?”), you are going to sign this proving that you said these things! *still shouting*
Me: *getting really tired of his attitude* Sir, I will never sign anything that you tell me to.
Manager: *to me* Please. *to customer* We are sorry sir for anything that might have offended you. If you would like to return these items, we will be glad to do so. (The manager was trying to get him out of the store due to his shouting, and he really was going to hand this guy 1500$ in cash for fake items)
Customer: You know what, youre both c**ksuckers, Fuck both of you, I’m leaving.
*As he takes his things and starts to walk out, he turns around*
Customer: And you *pointing to me* you’re a real asshole.
Me: Have a nice day sir.

Everyone in the department, employees and customers, laughed out loud.

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(I work cashier at a general store with anything you can think of being in stock, A woman walks in with a Keratin Cosmetic product that bills for over $56 USD. She immediately makes her own line and cuts in front of one customer, takes out the product and asks for a refund)

Me: “Ms. do you have the receipt?”

Her: [Stifled] “No I don’t but I would like a refund.”

Me: “Unfortunately, Ms if you do not have a receipt for the item I have to give it to you for 50% of the items value and on store credit.”

(Mind you, This is a corporate policy that I have no control over)

Her: [Outbursts enough for the people behind her to stare] “No but I come here all the time and I do it. They’ve let me do it before.”

Me: “I’m sorry Ms but it’s store policy.”

(She repeats the same thing four more times with my same answer, until I finally look over to my manager who is immediately to my right .)

Me: “Jane what is the procedure that we follow if the item does not have a receipt?”

(Jane literally explains the exact same thing over to this lady, who mind you, wants to return an item…that’s $56USD without a receipt expecting a full cash refund).

Her: “But I come here all the time!”

Jane: “I am sorry Ms. its store policy.”

(The woman then proceeds to storm out of the store).

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(I used to work the register at a camera store. We were located across the street from a video store. Stuff like this would happen every so often.)

Customer I’d like to return this movie.

Manager We’re a camera store.

Customer looks around at all the photographic and related merchandise.

Customer Oh.

Customer then walks out.

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Scene: a night club that i work at. There is a man making a commotion outside. I come over to see whats going on.

Bouncer: This man wants to get in for free

Customer: I am an old childhood friend of the owner and I demand in!

Bouncer: Theres no way yo–

Customer: I am! Let me in!

I decide to step in

Me: Oh really? You’re from Mexico?

Customer: Yes, I grew up with the owner there! I was his best friend, Marcos!

Me: Wow, another person from the small city, Platanos!

Customer: Yes, yes I grew up there let me in now!

Me: you really want in? Well I doubt I cant say no, except for the fact that you claim to live in of bananas with me through grade school. Well let me say I did not grow up in a town full of bananas, nor did I have friends. Get out.

He runs away! My bouncer, my real best bud from my childhood laughs his ass off, along with the rest of the line

You Mean I Actually Have To… Parent?

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(A customer walks into our store who is obviously a tourist from Europe. She has three young girls with her, ages three to eight.)

Customer: “Where do you leave the children?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Customer: *pointing at her daughters* “Them!

Me: “Oh, you mean like a daycare? We don’t do that here.”

Customer: “So, what do I do? Where do I leave them?”

Me: “I don’t know… They stay with you?”

Customer: “Ugh, this is so stupid. How am I supposed to shop?”

Me: “Sorry?”

(Under my breath, I ask, “Why would you bring them, then?”)

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